• ja 包括支払制度下における医療機関の利潤制約と医療サービス供給 : 実験経済学的検証
  • en The Profit Constraint under the Prospective Payment System and Medical Treatment Level : An Experimental Study
  • ja ホウカツ シハライ セイドカ ニオケル イリョウ キカン ノ リジュン セイヤク ト イリョウ サービス キョウキュウ ジッケン ケイザイガクテキ ケンショウ
    • --- 名城大学都市情報学部
    • --- 四日市大学経済学部
    • --- 名城大学都市情報学部
    • --- 名古屋市立大学大学院経済学研究科
  • other 包括支払制度
  • other 実験経済学的手法
  • other 対面治療
  • other 過少診療
  • other 他の医療機関への紹介
  • other Prospective Payment System
  • other Experimental economic method
  • other Face-to-Face Treatment
  • other skimping
  • other dumping
  • Other We verify what kind of treatment level is chosen for a patient by the medical institution to secure minimum profit under the prospective payment system. The verification was carried out by experimental economic method. In the verification,we have two kinds of the experiment, that is, the one is the case to presume Face-to-Face treatment (FTF experiment), the other is no Face-to-Face case (PC experiment). First, PC experiment was done under the assumption that the medical institution maximizes its profit. The results were that the proportion of the medical institutions which provided zero treatment level declined as the level of disease became sevious. Some medical institutions even chose dumping to the patient of most serious disease, where damping means that a medical institutions introduce its patient to other institutions. These results weren’t expected theoretically. Next, FTF experiment and PC experiment were done in the situation that medical institutions chose a treatment level in consideration for their own profit and the patient’s satisfaction. These two experimental results showed that the level chosen in Face-to-Face treatment was higher than or equal to theoretical value. The possibility of patient introduction behavior allowed introducing the middle disease patient to other medical institutions in Face-to-Face treatment. To the very heavy disease patient,it was suggested that patient introduction behavior was done frequently.
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