• Genetic recombination at different points in the Npro-coding region of bovine viral diarrhea viruses and the potentials to change their antigenicities and pathogenicities

Kameyama, K.

Sakoda, Y.

Tamai, K.

Nagai, M.

Akashi, H.

Kida, H.

  • Other Bovine viral diarrhea virus
  • Other Genetic recombination
  • Other Jiv
  • NDC 645.36
  • Cytopathogenic (cp) bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) strain KS86-1cp was isolated from a cow persistently infected with non-cytopathogenic (ncp) BVDV strain KS86-1ncp after development of mucosal disease by superinfection with cp BVDV strain Nose. cp BVDV strains 799cp and 839cp were also isolated from independent cattle that developed mucosal disease by superinfection with cp BVDV KS86-1cp. In the present study, genetic analysis revealed that the genes of cp BVDV strains 799cp and 839cp were chimeras between the genes of the persisting ncp BVDVs and that of superinfecting KS86-1cp. The genetic recombination that generates 799cp occurred between the identical points in the Npro gene region, whereas genetic recombination that generates 839cp occurred between different points in the Npro gene region. Both 799cp and 839cp were inherited Jiv gene of KS86-1cp strain and envelope protein genes of the persisting viruses. In addition, neutralization test disclosed that antigenicities of 799cp, 839cp, and KS86-1cp were also similar to each persisting virus. These findings indicate that exogenous cp BVDV containing insertion of Jiv gene in the 5 terminal region can induce genetic recombination with the original ncp BVDV at different points in the Npro gene region, and those viruses have high potential to change those antigenicities and pathogenicities by RNA recombination.
Date Issued 2006-03
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    • ISSN 0168-1702
    • Virus Research
    116(1-2), 78-84