• ja 富山県に自然分布するイチリンソウ属植物の分布の特徴
  • en The characteristics of the distribution of Anemone species in Toyama Prefecture
    • ja 佐藤, 卓
    • ja 太田, 道人
  • Other 分布
  • Other イチリンソウ属
  • Other メッシュ気候値
  • Other distribution
  • Other Anemone
  • Other Mesh Climatic Normal Values
  • Other The characteristics of the distribution of seven taxa in Anemone in Toyama Prefecture were examined with eight environmental factors obtained from Mesh Climatic Normal Values (Japan Meteorological Agency, 2012). The environmental factors are annual value of precipitation, annual mean temperature, annual mean amount of solar radiation, annual maximum snow deposit, WI, CI, Japan Sea Index (JSI) proposed by Suzuki and Suzuki (1971), and altitude. The distribution data were provided from the specimen description in TOYA, literature and field note of authors. The analysis of the distributions was carried out by one-way ANOVA.Analysis of the commonality of distribution using Sørensen's coefficient showed that A. pseudoaltaica and A. flaccida was the most similar. The next similar was A. debilis and A. narcissifora. A. raddeana and A. pseudoaltaica were not found in the same meshes of A. stolonifera, A. debilis and A. narcissiflora.By the result of the climatic environments analysis there were five homogeneous subgroups by the altitude, annual temperature, annual solar radiation, WI and CI. Which subgroups were A. raddeana group including A. nikoensis and A. pseudoaltaica and other each species group. By the annual maximum snow deposit, three homogeneous subgroups, A. raddeana group, A. flaccida group and A. stolonifera group including A. debilis and A. narcissiflora were found. The three species of A. raddeana group and A. flaccida were found in the Japan Sea Climate meshes and the three species of A. stolonifera group were found in the Inland Climate meshes.
  • Other 富山県に自然分布するイチリンソウ属植物7種の分布の特徴を解析した。その結果、キクザキイチゲとイチリンソウは同じメッシュに分布する傾向が強いこと、アズマイチゲとキクザキイチゲは、サンリンソウとヒメイチゲ、ハクサンイチゲとは同じメッシュには分布していないことがわかった。アズマイチゲとキクザキイチゲ、イチリンソウはよく似た温暖な気候環境に分布していた。サンリンソウとヒメイチゲ、ハクサンイチゲは寒冷な内陸性気候環境に分布していることがわかった。
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    Created2021-04-08 , Issued2021-07-01
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      • 富山市科学博物館研究報告 = Bulletin of the Toyama Science Museum 45, 1-7
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