• ja 富山市山岳域自然調査報告(2020)
  • en Research report of nature in mountain region in Toyama City (2020)
    • ja 藤田, 将人
    • ja 増渕, 佳子
    • ja 岩田, 朋文
    • ja 清水, 海渡
    • ja 太田, 道人
  • Other 地質
  • Other 化石
  • Other テフラ
  • Other 池塘
  • Other 動物相
  • Other 昆虫
  • Other 植物分布
  • Other
  • Other 高山・亜高山帯
  • Other 富山市
  • Other geology
  • Other fossil
  • Other tephra
  • Other bog pool
  • Other fauna
  • Other insect
  • Other flora
  • Other bird
  • Other alpine and subalpine zone
  • Other Toyama City
  • Other The geology, topology, fauna, and flora of the alpine and subalpine zone between Oritate and Sugoroku-dake in Toyama, Gifu and Nagano Prefecture were researched. Plant fossils from the Tetori Group were collected on Mt. Tarou-yama and Mt. Akagi-dake. Sorted circles and stone stripes were observed on the peak plain of Mt. Sugoroku-dake. Two tephra layers are found in the peat in this study area. The lower layer is a fine-grained volcanic ash layer with a thickness of 5 to 15 mm, which is likely to be compared with the K-Ah tephra (7.3 cal ka BP). The upper layer is a fine to coarse volcanic ash layer with a thickness of 3 cm to 20 cm, and the source is unknown. About 45 species of insects were found. The reason why the number of species found was higher than last year's research was that the weather was fine during the research, and we were able to see many insects attracted to flowers and flying near the ridge line. The most common aquatic insects during the research were Agabus japonicus and species that is thought to be Gerris yezoens. These two species were dominant in our research route last year, so they are likely to be ubiquitous in the bog pools of the Hida Mountains. And 155 distribution data of plants were extracted from Exif information of photographs.
  • Other 富山、岐阜、長野の諸県に所在する折立〜黒部五郎岳〜三俣蓮華岳〜双六岳の登山道沿いの地質、地形、動物、植物の調査を行った。地質では、太郎山と赤木岳の手取層群から植物化石を採取し、調査地域内の泥炭中から2層の火山灰層を発見した。地形では、双六岳の山頂平原で環状砂礫と縞状土を確認した。昆虫類は、約45種採集できた。昨年よりも発見種数が多かった理由は、調査期間中、天候に恵まれ、花に集まる昆虫や稜線付近を飛翔する昆虫を多く発見できたためである。また水生昆虫では、マメゲンゴロウとエゾコセアカアメンボと思われる種が多かった。両種は、昨年の調査ルート沿いでも優占していたので、飛騨山脈高所の池塘では普遍的に生息しているものと思われる。脊椎動物では、アズマヒキガエルが黒部五郎小舎付近の池塘、標高2、342 mで確認された。これは県内有数の高所からのものとなる。植物は、撮影された写真ファイルのEXIF情報から約350件の植物分布情報を得た。
    Created2021-04-08 , Issued2021-07-01
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      • 富山市科学博物館研究報告 = Bulletin of the Toyama Science Museum 45, 47-53
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