It is a list of institutional repositories providing metadata to Institutional Repositories DataBase (IRDB).

754 count (51 ~ 100)

institution repository name URL JaLC DOI Prefix Crossref DOI Prefix DataCite Prefix
51 Sapporo City University Sapporo City University Academic Repository 10.15025
52 Sano Nihon University College Academic Repository Sano Nihon University College Academic Repository 10.15109
53 Sakushin University Sakushin University Academic Repository 10.18925
54 Saku University Saku University Institutional Repository
55 Saitama Women's Junior College Saijo Academic Repository 10.15115
56 Saitama University Saitama University Cyber Repository of Academic Resources 10.24561
57 Saitama Toho Junior College Saitama Toho Junior College Academic Repository 10.20782
58 Saitama Prefectural University Saitama Prefectural University Repository 10.24560
59 Saitama Medical University Saitama Medical University Repository 10.15091
60 Saitama Institute of Technology Saitama Institute of Technology Academic Collections
61 Saitama Gakuen University Saitama Gakuen University & Kawaguchi Junior College Academic Repository 10.15037
62 Sagami Women's University Sagami Women’s University Repository
63 Saga University Saga University Institutional Repository 10.34551
64 Ryutsu Keizai University Ryutsu Keizai University Repository 10.20573
65 Ryukoku University Ryukoku University Institutional Repository 10.50873
66 Ryotokuji University Ryotokuji University Institutional Repository 10.18933
67 Ritsumeikan University Ritsumeikan Research Repository 10.34382
68 Rissho University RISSHO University's Institutional Repository 10.34386
69 Rikkyo University Rikkyo University Repository (Japanese) 10.14992
70 Research Institute for Humanity and Nature Research Institute for Humanity and Nature Repository 10.20568
71 Reitaku University Reitaku University Academic Repository (Japanese) 10.18901
72 Rakuno Gakuen University CLOVER 10.24513
73 Prefectural University of Kumamoto Digital repository of Prefectural University of Kumamoto
74 Prefectural University of Hiroshima Hiroshima Associated Repository Portal
75 Otsuma Women's University Otsuma Women's University Repository
76 Otemon Gakuin University Otemon Gakuin University Repository
77 Otemae University Otemae University & Otemae College Repository
78 Otaru University of Commerce Otaru University of Commerce Academic Collections
79 Otani University Otani University Academic Repository 10.15070
80 Oshima National College Of Maritime Technology Repository of the Oshima National College of Maritime Technology
81 OSAKA UNIVERSITY OF TOURISM Osaka University of Tourism Academic Repository 10.20670
82 Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University Repository 10.57371
83 Osaka University of Economics OUE Institutional Repository
84 Osaka University of Commerce Osaka University of Commerce Repository
85 Osaka University OUKA (Osaka University Knowledge Archive) 10.18910
86 Osaka Shoin Women's University Repository Osaka Shoin Women's University Repository (Japanese)
87 OSAKA SANGYO UNIVERSITY Osaka Sangyo University Repository
88 Osaka Ohtani University Osaka Ohtani University Library Intelligence Valuable Entrance-Institutional Repositories
89 Osaka Museum of Natural History Osaka Museum of Natural History Research Repository 10.20643
90 Osaka Kyoiku University Osaka Kyoiku University Repository 10.32287
91 Osaka Jogakuin College Osaka Jogakuin Research Repository
92 Osaka Institute of Technology Osaka Institute of Technology Repository 10.15046
93 Osaka Gakuin University Repository Osaka Gakuin University Repository 10.24730
94 Osaka Electro-Communication University Osaka Electro-Communication University Repository
95 Osaka Dental University Osaka Dental University Academic Repository 10.15101
96 Osaka City University Osaka City University Repository 10.24544
97 Osaka Chiyoda Junior College Osaka Chiyoda Junior College
98 Osaka Aoyama University Osaka Aoyama University Repository (Japanese)
99 Onomichi City University Hiroshima Associated Repository Portal 10.18899
100 Okinawa University Okinawa University Repository 10.34415