It is a list of institutional repositories providing metadata to Institutional Repositories DataBase (IRDB).

754 count (401 ~ 450)

institution repository name URL JaLC DOI Prefix Crossref DOI Prefix DataCite Prefix
401 Hirosaki University Hirosaki University Repository for Academic Resources 10.24655
402 Hirosaki Gakuin University Hirosakigakuin University Repository for Academic Information 10.24652
403 Himeji Dokkyo University Himeji Dokkyo University Academic Repository 10.24477
404 Hijiyama University Hiroshima Associated Repository Portal
405 Heian Jogakuin (St.Agnes') University Heian Jogakuin(St. Agnes’) University Institutional Repository 10.20601
406 Health Sciences University of Hokkaido Health Sciences University of Hokkaido Academic Repository
407 Hannan University Hannan University Academic Institutional Repository
408 Hanazono University Hanazono University Repository 10.15074
409 Hamamatsu University School of Medicine HamaMed-Repository 10.14984
410 Hakuoh University Hakuoh University Repository 10.20648
411 Hakodate University Hakodate University Repository 10.18896
412 HAKODATE Junior College Hakodate Junior College Repository 10.18911
413 Hachinohe Institute of Technology Hachinohe Institute of Technology Repository (Japanese) 10.32127
414 National University Corporation Gunma University Academic Knowledge Archives of Gunma Institutes
415 Gunma Prefectural Women's University Gunma Prefectural Women's University Achademic Repository 10.50871
416 GUNMA PREFECTURAL COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES Gunma Prefectural College of Health Sciences Academic Repository 10.34533
417 Gumma PAZ College Academic Knowledge Archives of Gunma Institutes
418 Gifu Women's University Gifu Women's University Repository 10.20565
419 Gifu Pharmaceutical University Gifu Pharmaceutical University Research Information Repository
420 GIFU KYORITSU University Gifu Kyoritsu University Institutional Repository
421 Gifu College of Nursing Gifu College of Nursing Repository 10.24481
422 Gifu City Women’s College gifu-cwc.repository 10.24516
423 FUTURE UNIVERSITY HAKODATE Future University Hakodate Repository 10.15044
424 Fukuyama University Fukuyama University Repository (Japanese)
425 Fukuyama City University Hiroshima Associated Repository Portal 10.15096
426 Fukushima University Fukushima University Repository
427 Fukushima Medical University Fukushima Medical University Repository
428 Fukuoka University Fukuoka University Repository
430 Fukuoka Institute of Technology Fukuoka Institute of Technology Repository 10.34557
431 Fukuoka Dental College Fukuoka Dental College Academic Repository
432 Fukui University of Technology Community Repository of Fukui
433 Fukui Prefecture regional magazine Council Community Repository of Fukui
434 Fukui Prefectural University Community Repository of Fukui
435 Fukui Prefectural Library Community Repository of Fukui
436 Fukui Prefectural Archives Community Repository of Fukui
437 Fukui National College of Technology Community Repository of Fukui
438 Fukui Health Science University Community Repository of Fukui
439 Fujita Health University Fujita Health University Academic Information Repository
440 Fuji Women's University Fuji Women’s University Academic Repository 10.15092
441 Fuji University Fuji University Institutional Repository 10.24566
442 Ferris University Ferris University Institutional Repository
443 IPU Women’s College Institutional Repository: the Ehime area - IYOKAN
444 Ehime University Institutional Repository: the Ehime area - IYOKAN
445 Ehime Prefectural University of Health Sciences Institutional Repository: the Ehime area - IYOKAN
446 Edogawa University Edogawa University Repository 10.50831
447 Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts DWCLA Academic Repository 10.15020
448 Doshisha University Doshisha University Academic Repository 10.14988
449 Dokkyo University Dokkyo University Academic Repository
450 Dokkyo Medical University Dokkyo Medical University Repository