• ja 2016年8月の豪雨災害をもたらした気象・水文要因に関する調査概要
  • Research Outline of Meteorological and Hydrological Factors on Disasters Due to Heavy Rain in August 2016
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  • Other From August 17 to August 23, three typhoons of No.7, No.11 and No.9 continuously landed in Hokkaido one, and floods and sediment disasters occurred mainly in eastern Hokkaido. Also, heavy rain due to the front and the approach of Typhoon No.10 from August 29 induced bank breachs and floods in the Tokachi River system and upstream of the Sorachi river in the Ishikari River system. Moreover, it caused serious disaster as runoff of roads and bridges on the east side of the Hidaka Mountain range. In response, Japan Society of Civil Engineers formed the August 2016 Hokkaido Heavy Rain Disaster Inquiry Team (Head: Prof. Yasuyuki Shimizu in Hokkaido University and Secretary: Prof. Makoto Nakatsugawa in Muroran Institute of Technology) and have conducted a survey. Mission of the team is to investigate the causes of extraordinary phenomena and to propose measures for that. We have already published the report as the research team. Based on those results, especially, the findings on meteorological and hydrological factors are summarized as follows.
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