• ja 解砕繊維状竹粉の黒毛和種育成雌牛への敷料利用
  • Utilization of rubbed bamboo as bedding for Japanese Black heifers
  • カイサイ センイジョウ チクフン ノ クロゲ ワシュ イクセイ メウシ エノ シキリョウ リヨウ
    • 松元, 里志
    • 木山, 孝茂
    • 廣瀬, 潤
    • 石井, 大介
    • 片平, 清美
    • 山口, 浩
    • 主税, 裕樹
    • 髙山, 耕二
    • 中西, 良孝
  • Other bedding
  • Other Japanese Black heifers
  • Other rubbed bamboo
  • Other 解砕処理竹粉
  • Other 黒毛和種育成雌牛
  • Other 敷料
  • NDC 645
  • Other type:論文(Article)
  • Other In order to evaluate the utilization of rubbed bamboo as bedding for Japanese Black heifers, an experiment was conducted. Six heifers (17.5 months old) were divided into two groups (3 animals each). One group was reared on sawdust bedding (sawdust group) and the other on rubbed bamboo bedding (bamboo group) for 3 months. Both groups were fed equal amounts of concentrates and Italian ryegrass silage. All animals had free access to water and salt block. Changes in bedding temperature and in NH3 concentration from bedding in bamboo group over time were similar to those in sawdust group, and no significant differences were found between the two groups. By the end of the experiment, the bamboo bedding was trodden down harder, and divided into two layers. In the upper layer, the bedding was mixed with excreta, but no infiltration of urine was observed in the lower layer. The outflow of urine from bedding was not observed in either group. Since daily weight gain of cattle in bamboo group was rather higher than that observed in sawdust group, it was speculated that bamboo bedding gave no negative effect to cattle growth. From these results, it is suggested that rubbed bamboo is as useful a resource for Japanese Black heifers bedding as sawdust.
Publisher 鹿児島大学
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      • 鹿児島大学農学部農場研究報告=Bulletin of the Experimental Farm Faculty of Agriculture,Kagoshima University 35, 7-11
Oaidate 2021-04-14