• Fundamental Interfaciology : Indistinguishability and Time's arrow

Diebner, Hans H.

Tsuda, Ichiro

  • NDC 421
  • It is argued that the notion of indistinguishability provides a link between epistemological and fundamentally ontological reasoning, i.e., for the interface problem or endophysics. In Newtonian molecular dynamics simulations of autocatalytic chemical reactions as a basic step to describe life one encounters with the problem of reversible computation which has been compared with Newtonian physics by Fredkin and many others. The introduction of chemical identities in such simulations raise questions concerning the link of information to ontic qualities and in turn to the experience of Time’s arrow. In reactions like A + B → 2A, the production of indistinguishability on a molecular level strikingly leads to an apory. In the backward path after a reversal of momenta in a traditional computation it is impossible to assign the correct identities, A or B, to the two indistinguishable molecules of species A. If the logical operation were reversible then this information is available but contradicts a “true” indistinguishability of molecules. Both, treating it as an objective or as an obsever dependent, i.e. subjective entity lead to inconsistencies of a kind that have been summarized by Heidegger as “self-missing”(Selbstverfehlung) of Being (Dasein). According to Heidegger’ view, being has no difference, thus our exploration of Being by necessarily drawing difference fails. To speak of indistinguishability is the result of an epistemological distinction of subject and object that is avoided Heidegger’s approach, however, somehow on the cost of losing grip to nature. Related problem are the complementarity of discreteness and continuity and many others. Even quantum mechanics that address problems at the micro level, although inherently endowed with complementarity, not really supplies and explanatory basis for the aforementioned problem because concepts like indistinguishability are here introduce by fiat, too. 8zSà . This paper is dedicated to Otto E. Rossler on the occasion of his 65th birthday in May 2005. Keywords: indistinguishability; molecular dynamics simulations; micro-macro-interface; endo-physics; time reversibility; fundamental ontology
Date Issued 2005
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    • Proceedings of FIS2005, The Third Conference on the Foundations of Information Science, Paris, July 4-7, 2005